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Workshop: Visual/ Performance Art

Instructor: Iyaba Ibo Mandingo


Description:  Series of workshops utilizing various techniques of painting/ sculpting/ designing. Students will undertake a series of excercises geared towards understanding the concepts of painting/ drawing, creating/ designing. A brief lesson on display/ performance techniques will also be included

Workshop IX    

Performance Poetry Workshop

10-12 week session

-Brief overview of Poetry (handouts)

-Students freewrite on a variety of subjects, which is then used to create original poetry

-Students learn to utilize physical movement (body/ hand gestures) to act out their original piece

-Poetry is presented in a final reading





Workshop IV      

Murals (indoor/ outdoor)

 5 week session

-Done on either an existing structure or on a chosen material that will be mounted upon completion.

-Students learn how to take a piece of work and enlarge it using a grid

-Students will obtain brief understanding of murals





Workshop VII    

Flower Puppet Workshop

6 week session

-Created using either socks or the arms of sweaters to construct the body and head

-Each student creates the puppet using various supplies to craft the eyes and other parts

-Miscellaneous clothes to make the petals which are stuffed with polyfoam and sewn around the head

-Arms can be made to resemble leaves on the stem






Workshop V

African Jewelry Making

4 week session

-Each student will design/ create jewelry (i.e. earrings, necklace, bracelet), using assorted beads (wood, glass, metal)

-Class discussion will include a brief history of African bead work and jewelry making.




Workshop VIII 

Fine Arts: Into Painting and Drawing

8-12 week session

-Students undertake a series of excercises geared towards understanding the basic concepts of painting/ drawing.

-A brief lesson on using mates and frames to mount art will also be given





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