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Workshop: Environmental Art

Instructor: Iyaba Ibo Mandingo


Description:  Series of workshops where students engage in creating various forms of African Art using recycled materials (i.e. cardboard, wood, juice/milk cartons)  Students will participate in class discussion on Recycled Art and lessons on the origins of the pieces they create.

Workshop III             

West African Mask Building

4 week session

-Created using discarded cardboard

-Students work in groups of two to create individual masks, using bits & pieces of card board to build up/ create the different features

-Masks are painted using colors that represents the specific type of mask

-Class discussion includes a brief history of masks in West Africa




Workshop II           

Paper Mache Fish (Hanging Mobile)

4 week session

-Created using milk/ juice cartons of various sizes; newspapers and cardboard

-Each piece is painted to resemble a fish the student chooses after researching a particular type





Workshop I 

African Totem Poles

4 week session

-Created using cardboard poles

-Students get a brief overview of the origins of Totem poles and their spiritual connections

-Using this criteria, students will investigate and create their individual totems, which will be incorporated into their poles






Workshop VI 

Puppet Making Workshop (Sock Puppets)

6 week session

-Created using various colored socks

-Each student creates a puppet using available supplies (felt, yarn, glue, etc.)

-Using rudimentary sewing skills, students learn to make clothes/ accessories for each puppet

-Students learn how to operate hand puppets





Workshop VII    

Flower Puppet Workshop

6 week session

-Created using either socks or the arms of sweaters to construct the body and head

-Each student creates the puppet using various supplies to craft the eyes and other parts

-Miscellaneous clothes to make the petals which are stuffed with polyfoam and sewn around the head

-Arms can be made to resemble leaves on the stem






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